Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carry that weight

I have heard, although never actually seen, that a mother in crisis would be able to lift a full sized car high enough off the ground to free her trapped child.  Luckily for Joanna and me, we have never had a child stuck beneath a car.  That said, I can't help but see the metaphor an appropriate one for Jude's blindness and the lengths Joanna and I will go to help him.

Jude carries the weight of a car on his back in his blindness and he is unaware of it now.  The clock ticks down daily to his eventual awareness of it.  Joanna and I race that clock, with help from the CCVI, to mitigate how heavy that weight truly feels on our son.  We want this awareness to be greeted with tools of empowerment, not thoughts and fears of inability.

Every day that passes where Jude grasps a new concept more clearly is like lifting another pound off of his back.  His mom and dad agonize on whether we'll have removed enough of that weight by the time Jude starts pre-school, or when he goes (and that he goes) to school with his brothers, or when his peers have a birthday party, that they want him to be a part of the fun.

With this knowledge, we lift the weight and we fight for our son.  We'd have it no other way- we'd fight no other way.  Fortunately we are not alone.  For nearly two year, we've been supported by our amazing family and friends and even friends of friends.  That's an unmatched feeling.

Jude is incredible and I mean this in every way possible.  But no one of us is incredible on our own.  He needs the love and support of many good people.  I know I do too.

St. Jude: Pray for us.

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