Thursday, December 19, 2013


Immediately after Jude was born Matt and I had an unspoken agreement that we could not have anymore children. We were uncertain of Jude's future and his needs at the time and I think we both agreed that another child would be too much to handle or unfair to Jude in some way. Not that we were closed off to more children, but finding out your child has a special need can be very overwhelming.

Skip ahead a couple of months when we were more aware of what Jude's health and development would entail and we decided there was no way we could be done having children. It would have been unfair to Jude to not try for more children.

The end of November came and sweet little Simon joined our family.

How would Jude know what a baby was? How would Jude bond with his brother? Before Simon arrived we had a baby doll out for Jude to explore and he learned to say the word baby, but we were unsure if he actually understood what was going to happen, that a new person would be a part of the family. 

All of Simon's brothers love him dearly, especially Jude. Witnessing Jude's love for Simon is magnificent. The afternoon Simon was born Matt brought the boys up to the hospital and Jude instinctively sat on my hospital bed waiting to snuggle his new brother. He held and kissed him from the very first moment he touched Simon. 

Jude listens intently for his baby brother's grunts, groans, and cries, finding him wherever he may be throughout the house. Jude smothers him with slobbery kisses all over his head. Jude rests his head and body next to Simon just to be close to him. Watching the two of them melts my heart.

Loving is blind. We do not need to see in order to know who or how to love. Jude's love for Simon is a beautiful example of God's love. 

St. Jude: Pray for us.