Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's all good, again.

Surrounded by friends and family, Jude walked through the finish line at the 25th annual Trolley Run.  The moment can be described no less than magical.  We are constantly surprised and pleased by the progress our son makes on a daily basis.  Behind each advancement is the good work of so many, including the supporters of our Trolley Run team, which makes each step a communal step forward and each milestone reason for us all to smile.

I would like to say that I was surprised by the outreach of support and good will by Jude’s supporters.  But, having experienced a similar outpouring last year, we were not.  Don’t confuse lack of surprise with lack of gratitude, though.  Last year opened our eyes to the goodness that lives in the hearts of our friends and among our community.  Nevertheless, we were pleased and humbled through each generous act.  This year was so special, largely due to the special people who made it so.

Our aim will continue to be on Jude’s tomorrow.  It is a happy struggle and one in which we are fully invested.  And surely it will be a winning fight.  The story of success will not simply be that of Jude or the other children benefiting from the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired.  It will be our story, together, one visible as Jude ages and continues to amaze.  Take heart, as you have done great things. 

Thank you.

Matt and Joanna

St. Jude: Pray for us.

We would be remiss if we did not recognize agencies that supported us during this campaign by providing locations for fundraisers and promotional support.

Lamar Advertising
Chick-fil-A State Line Rd. 
Papa Murphy's Pizza
Chipotle Mexican Grill