Friday, November 2, 2012

Close your eyes and see

Before daylight I found myself awake and restless.  After enough tossing and turning I decided to get out of bed and begin my day.  So as not to wake the others still sleeping, my morning tasks began without light, and depended upon touch and memory.  In an attempt to further understand our son's world, I tried to keep my eyes closed.  From starting the coffee, pouring a glass of orange juice and maneuvering the halls, each task took exceptional patience and awareness.

For someone with sight, while the tasks were more time consuming, they were almost more annoying than challenging.  So badly I wanted to simply open my eyes and rush through them in my same nonchalant way, going through the motions and running on auto-pilot.  Point was, I had to be very deliberate in the acts and rely on a combination of other senses to make up what sight affords for these day to day necessities.

Inconvenient is the word that came to mind initially when considering the small lesson I gave myself; as we are all so ready to rush through the mundane and typical.  Although the tasks were accomplished, they took much more time than I was used to and much more thought through each unique step.  With each touch though, there was recognition, each sound, increased awareness.

With sight, my life goes by real fast, from the day to day things, to the choices I make, many with little to no thought.  Come to think of it, as I practiced without sight for a few minutes, I feel I actually became more aware of my world.  How much do I allow my eyes to miss daily?  It might not be such a bad idea to learn from this lesson and every now and then, close my eyes, slow down and see the world around me.

St. Jude: Pray for us.