Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Such a special boy

Several months ago we tried to take comfort in this distant notion that eventually things would begin to feel so normal.  Daily we'd adjust to a new way of doing things and these new ways wouldn't seem so new after a while.  In fact, with a little bit of effort, they might feel special.  I think I can safely say we're in the middle of something better than normal and flat out special.

For starters Jude began eating solid foods in his high chair with the rest of the family.  Certainly an anxiety we shared was how to feed a child who can't see the spoon in front of his face.  Although a new experience for us all, he has taken to cues nicely and, we both agree, is a better eater than his brothers before him at this point.  We're so relieved at how well he's done.

His muscle control continues to improve and we are confident he'll one day crawl, which is a difficult idea for one without sight.  He has been sitting up with confidence and plays in a new sensory play house, built by Mom.  We've also been impressed at his awareness of objects around him   Shake a rattle near his face and he'll grasp to play.  When he drops a toy, he's begun to reach for the item in search of it.

Outside of these exciting feats, most importantly, he continues to be the sweetest boy our house could want.  Granted it's an awareness different to the ways we loved our parents, I assure you, he is very much aware of his mom and dad, brothers and friends and loves us deeply.  He will still to the sounds and voices of his loving family members.  We are blessed to hear him sing beautifully for us all.  To say things are normal here would be minimizing how special Jude continues to be.

St. Jude: Pray for us.

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