Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Tomorrow marks another turning point in Jude's life.  He is scheduled for surgery in the morning to have the cysts removed from his right eye socket and have his conformers place.  We got the call from the pre-op nurse today and we'll be arriving at 6am.  It sounds like he'll be one of the first cases.  In preparation for the surgery he won't be able to eat after 3:30am.  I'll be setting an alarm for 3:15am to make sure I top him off before the deadline.  I am confident that things will go as planned.

Since birth, Jude has, for the most part, had his eyes closed.  I am very comfortable with the way he looks.  So comfortable that when I visited a good friend, who just had a baby, and he opened his eyes it was almost surprising to see a baby with their eyes open. I have become used to Jude's appearance. Tomorrow that will change when the conformers are placed. I think once he has the conformers his eyes will mostly be open. I wonder if I am ready for that. How will his look change? With the conformers being a clear acrylic material, what will I be able to see when I look at the conformers? So many question on my mind that of course will be answered after surgery. I am sure though that after a few days, just like when Jude was born, I will be comfortable with his look.

So, while you wake up tomorrow and are preparing for you day please say quick prayer for Jude and his parents.

St. Jude pray for us.

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