Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

When you have children you love and who love you in return, any Father's Day is going to be special. The same is true if you love your father.  I put the qualifications on the first statement because the fact of the matter is it's really easy to become a father.  It's not nearly as easy to be a father. Being a father often implores one to respond to the unplanned twists and turns of life, which are guaranteed to happen.  No father has a straight and easy path.

And it is for me, another special Father's Day where I celebrate, personally, being a father to three young boys.  Ultimately, there has been no greater role for me among some great roles of brother, husband, son, friend, as that of father to Peter, Thomas and Jude.  The biggest task I take under my arms is to prepare them for the challenges of fatherhood and help them grow to be a responsible man.  Equipped with these tools and the rest will come, too.

I would be lying if I did not admit that my job intensified at the arrival of Jude.  This has been a difficult few months where I worry for him and his future, pray for continued strength and attempt to focus on the gifts that will undoubtedly result from Jude's presence in the world.  My task, however, must remain the same to help guide him on his way to becoming a prepared father and man.

As with Peter and Thomas, I have no idea where the road will go for Jude.  Sometimes this brings tears to my eyes because I fear it might be a rocky one for him to walk.  But, joy comes when I know I can be with him throughout as his father. Together, we can meet the challenges.  I can't wait for the day, down the road, when he looks back toward me and says, "Dad, I'm good."  Every father's dream.


This song is for you, my Jude.  I hope the words ring true forever.  I love you and your brothers.

St. Jude: Pray for us.

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