Saturday, May 12, 2012

My three sons

There's a wonderful Bible verse often referenced, fitting in our situation about children and what has been revealed to them, while hidden from the wise and intelligent.  It has never been more evident for us than throughout these first few months with Jude, as we've seen the beauty of unfettered love and acceptance from his brothers, Peter and Thomas, as we've struggled with 'what's next?' and 'why Jude?' questions.

At first, while Mom and Dad would stare at Jude, unable to get around his blindness and the possibilities of other health concerns, Peter and Thomas saw only good things in their brother and friend.  Granted, we've come a long way and don't dwell on Jude's differences as often as tempted, the boys add a remarkable centering presence in our house and family dynamic.

We had the occasion to meet parents of a child, now a young man, who also was born with microopthalmia, among other issues.  He was their first child and they later went on to have two more children, both of whom are normally sighted.  (His story is exceptional, but best kept for a later time.) Anyhow, as the four of us were talking I couldn't help but appreciate Jude coming third in our crew.

Jude was meant to be with us, and we for him, and we are richer for it, but we are also so much stronger by having Peter and Thomas first.  Jude's older brothers allowed us to learn parenting.  We were able to sweat the small stuff on them, in order to learn how futile this practice can be.  If we had to learn parenting AND blind parenting at the same time, I'm not sure we'd kept our heads!

I've said it before and it will continue to be something I remind anyone who cares, Peter and Thomas have been such a blessing to us.  Without them, I'm not sure we would have found as much motivation to keep the train moving or the wheels from falling off.  Their affection for Jude is a great model and inspiring, all the while reminding us how simple it is to love.

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