Saturday, May 5, 2012

A normal night out

Date night and free babysitters are always a great combination to celebrate.  Last night, we had an opportunity to take the kids, all three of them, to the CCVI for parent's night out.  The boys were treated to pizza and fun, while Mom and Dad enjoyed adult conversation and maybe even an adult drink.  This should tell you how rare it was!

We were so looking forward to the evening and throughout the day had referred to the night as an evening at Jude's school.  Peter was all in and Thomas, from what we understand, warmed up to it after we were gone.  As we walked in and dropped the boys off into their separate rooms, we were curious to see if the older boys, primarily Peter, would notice that this was a special school.  The rooms were filled by children with visual impairments, other disabilities, along with typically developing children, too.

Now we have talked with Peter and Thomas about Jude's lack of sight and they are used to cuddling him and announcing their presence as they hug and kiss him.  I can't imagine even Peter though, at close to 4 years, grasps the breath of blindness.  But, we intend for it to simply be a matter-of-fact thing in our house; simply another thing that makes our house, our house.

It was important for us all to see older children, further along on their journey with visual impairments last night.  To be honest, Jude's parents will have to do more adjusting to these special needs at our respective ages than his older brothers ever will.  And, we love that.  We love that Peter and Thomas will know Jude, not as unique, but as Jude.  We love that they will see a child or older person on the street with visual impairments or any number of things, and just say, that's fine, my brother is blind, too!

We got home after a successful night and couldn't help but ask Peter, subtly, if he had noticed the special nature of Jude's school.  "No," he responded.  The kids all liked pizza and all played outside and seemed to all have a bunch of fun.  He did add, however, putting a rattle to Jude's hand, "This is how you should hand a toy to Jude, Mom."  We were beyond impressed.  And, it's just so normal.

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  1. So awesome! CCVI is a place like no other!

    Loving reading about Jude's journey. What a blessing for him to have such an amazing family!