Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last call

Much of the month of April you heard me asking for support for the Trolley Run, this our first year involved with the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired in Kansas City.  Since that time thousands of dollars, endless awareness and an overwhelming amount of good will has been collected.  Jude and his family are stronger because of these people who responded.

To many of the supporters I've had the chance to see and thank personally, I've tried to get the point across that we, the Nicksons, are indebted to these special friends forever.  And, should there come a time where they find him or her self in a moment of need, we hope to be able to respond in kind in a similar fashion.  We feel the Jude's Dudes team is an army that can flex a mighty muscle.  We are proud of this.

There are still people who wanted to donate or were unable to at the time of the run.  It is my guess there are some who have been following the story and have a desire to help.  Fortunately there is time through the end of May to donate to the team at this link and push us onward.  The services go directly to the children in need, including Jude, who is receiving weekly in-home therapy with sometimes two therapists at a time.  This is the result of your donation.

Next Thursday is my 30th birthday and for the first time in many years I am going to ask for something, because I know you've been marking your calendar:)  If you have an extra 10 or 20 dollars, consider donating to Jude's Dudes through the Trolley Run site.  The donation, of course, is tax deductible and can be measurable as you watch Jude grow and reach the potential we seek for all our children.

Last night I ran into a former student who, upon learning of Jude's blindness said, "I'm sorry."  This is certainly an appropriate response made out of care and concern, but I couldn't help but wonder what he was sorry for?  Blindness, although an obstacle in the world man has created, is not a path made of merely closed doors.  Joanna and I, the CCVI, and our supporters are opening doors for Jude and we should all take time to be glad for this.

I am glad to have support and I want more, if you're willing to take my hand.  This week I wrote a song for my friends, this journey and the victory we will claim at its end.  The closing line is "You'll find a fighting friend from this day on."  I truly feel this way.  When you stood by us, you gained support if and when the time comes.   There's still time to stand with us.

We Stand Strong by Matt Nickson

Verse 1
We will forever build a wall out of stone and brick and rock,
That no man shall ever crumble
Fear no force or fleet of stock.
Built high atop a mountain, the peaks will tower so,
And wear detractors down to shins and raise the mighty on their road.

Cause you stood with me when my road was raw,
And you gave your heart before I could fall.
Out of love you loved this song, and though the dance has just begun,
You’ll find a fighting friend from this day on.

Verse 2
This wall that stands for certain stands for all who cannot see,
And the heights atop this wall
Surrounds the likes of you and me,
For when we stand together, our fort it moves among,
And though we face a struggle, with you the battle's won.

Verse 3
This bridge we’ll build together will span a might way,
And bring with it its nature
To join us on our way.
For when we stand together, as one a body strong,
No force can come between us nor mute our victory song.

Donate Now: Jude's Dudes Trolley Run Site

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