Friday, April 20, 2012

Do you feel God's hand?

Several years ago as a high school senior I was assigned a book about faith and doubt, "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People" and I assigned the same book to a class of my own seniors years later.  Ultimately the answer to the question is not one that can be quickly and concretely answered.  But, it is a great lesson in what we believe and how these truths are revealed.

In the midst of a tragic or saddening period, it is so tempting to ask the question "why me?"  And focusing on this question can only lead one to the conclusion that our God is a vengeful one, and what hope is there in that?  We have chosen to flip the question on its head over the last two months; rather than "why us?" we ask, "why not us?"

Instead of being sad at the fact that our son has been born blind, we turn this hopeless lamentation into one springing with hope and empowerment, THANK GOD JUDE WAS BORN INTO OUR FAMILY!  Just that little turn of phrase makes all the difference, honestly.  We are focusing on what can be done, not what has already been done.  Ok, he's blind.  But, he's SO much more.

Beautiful baptismal gift
from Tim and Kelly
What is clear here is we don't always get to choose our life's purpose and for what causes we become advocates.  We can choose our reaction.  Before Feb. 29, I had never heard of the Trolley Run or the CCVI or felt a strong connection to the visually impaired.  Today I hope my son's inspiration can take our team to $10,000, benefiting the CCVI.  Are you kidding me?  God is good.

Join and take us to $10k.

St. Jude: Pray for us.

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