Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner, contacts, odds and ends

There are a few things going on at the same time and I wanted to be able to give better context.

Last weekend we posted a contact form on  Our goal is to compile a name and address list from friends and family who have supported us.  We have discovered how few addresses we actually have and rather than send endless facebook messages, we'd like to send a letter of thanks along with a photo of Jude.  It will not be used to sign anyone up for newsletters, forward unsolicited mailings, or sold to a college or university's admissions office.

If you have not taken the time, please fill out the Jude's Dudes Contact Form on the right margin or linked above.  In a nutshell, we are so touched by your actions that we simply want to be able to reach out to you in a more personal way than a facebook message.  It is the least we can do.  The form also allows a personal prayer request.  Of course the entire form is optional, but our reasoning is that Jude's Dudes is not a one-way street.  We'd like to offer you and yours in prayer and support, too.

Pasta party!

If you donated to the Trolley Run or registered to be a member of Jude's Dudes  chances are you received an invitation to our Pasta Party for Sat. April 28 at 4:30.  The sole purpose of this event is to thank the wonderful people who have helped make our team happen and in such a great way.  This is a free dinner put on (by a few of my caring colleagues) to get the team together, meet Jude and carb-load!

PLEASE consider stopping by, if not just to meet Jude.  Because this is our first ever Trolley Run, we just aren't sure if the group will have an opportunity to get together prior to the race.  And, with 100 people on the team, it's unlikely Joanna and I will get a good chance to thank everyone that morning.  If you felt our hearts, you'd know how important it is for us to hug each of you.  Families are invited, please just let us know how many are coming!  Looking forward to it.

Jude hanging out!
Jude's Dudes Pasta Dinner
Where: Rockhurst High School
9301 State Line Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64114
When: Sat. April 28, 4:30-6pm
RSVP by Wed. April 25
Matt Nickson
Theresa Fessler

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