Sunday, April 22, 2012

Behind the scenes of NBC 41

As many of you know, Jude had an opportunity to share a little bit of his journey on our local NBC affiliate, 41 Action News.  The quick spot was a promotional segment for the upcoming Trolley Run- which you've certainly heard of by now!  Jude was gracious enough to share the spotlight with his brothers and mom and dad.  We all had a blast!

If you've seen the video of our time on air, you have already noticed how great Jude's brothers, Peter and Thomas, behaved.  Let me tell you, minutes before, it was a different story.  Thomas, while wrestling with big brother, fell and knocked his head on the tile floor outside the studio in the waiting room.  And Peter scraped his knee on the sidewalk in front of the building.

These injuries happened on top of the extra wait we endured, as we arrived at the studio at 10:30 for what we thought was an 11:15 interview, only to be told we had been moved to 11:45!  Thank goodness we stopped by Panera before and grabbed some cookies for the two older boys.  They had just enough nourishment to get them through.

Katie Hall holds Jude
as Matt looks around, impressed
When our time arrived, our family along with Katie Hall the Trolley Run co-chair and Traci, CCVI's PR director, walked down the hall to the broadcast studio.  The light was still on, flashing "ON AIR" so we waited for the commercial break.  Once the light went off, we walked through two thick doors to enter the studio we had seen so often from our living room.  What a sight!

Sensory overload is an appropriate term for the scene.  The well lighted studio housed the anchor desk, weather center, green screen, a small-scale kitchen and a "Today Show" looking couch set-up.  Each zone had at least three big screen LCD TVs and lights overhanging.  The crammed studio had about four people working in it total, including Curtis Jay, the lead anchor and Jeff Penner, weather czar.

Curtis Jay immediately greeted us upon arrival.  He high-fived the boys and had a great personality.  Seeing someone on TV and then meeting them in person is interesting.  He was about my size, which I found surprising.  Ultimately, he made it a great time, such a nice guy.  The whole crew was actually real impressive; surprisingly relaxed and welcoming of the toddlers.  They were pros.

During the actual spot, which seemed like a flash, the boys did indeed do really well and Jude stole the show.  The spot went right into weather and we got to see Jeff in front of the green screen.  The boys were confused needless to say, but we were so happy with the entire experience.

Thank you to Katie Hall, Traci and everyone from the CCVI (we hope we represented your organization well!) and NBC 41 Action News.  We had a great time.

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