Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello and thank you

Over the last two plus weeks, Joanna and I have received an overwhelming amount of support from our friends and family.  We have cried and shared laughs with some terribly special people.  From the moment that our son Jude was born blind, the equation quickly changed from a two-person operation to an obviously larger need. 

If you are one of these people who reached out to us personally or kept our family in prayer through this period, I can’t begin to express how much good you’ve generated in our hearts.  We are deeply moved by each act, known or unknown. 

Joanna and I are in the process of sorting out our thoughts and questions about our son and what his future needs will entail.  Tuesday we meet again with specialists, and this time at Kansas City’s renowned Children’s Mercy Hospital.  Needless to say we are anxious and cautiously optimistic we will receive a bright roadmap for Jude.

But after this appointment Jude and our family will have a long and unknown journey.  And while I am comforted in knowing that all will work out no matter the prognosis, the fear of the unknown is quite daunting to me.  Admittedly, this pulls at the hearts of Jude’s parents.

If you have lent support one way or another, know you are starting or continuing something powerful that will ripple beyond Jude’s needs.  We will continue to ask for your prayers and support for years as we navigate new territory. 

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