Friday, March 30, 2012

3 is greater than 2

Millions of mothers have done it before me and millions of mothers will do it after me but having three children is challenging!  I remember after having Thomas I felt so much more efficent as a mother.  It seemed as though I was more organized and was able to use my time wisely.  This time around I am a mess!  About a week ago I was standing in the middle of the kitchen surrounded by three crying babies and all I could do was think "Get it together, Nickson!"

I was talking to my mother-in-law (a mother of 5 herself) on the phone telling her about how I was overwhelmed and she informed me, through her experience, having two kids your work doubles but beyond two the work grows exponentially.  I could not agree more, especially with 3 at 3 or under!

With Jude's special needs it can make things even more challenging. Take for instance the other morning when we were scheduled for a home visit by a Johnson County child service.  No sooner did the therapists walk through the door did my calm and cooperative children turn into unrecognizable child-sized demon babies!  Peter began to scream and beg for a cookie (at 11am!), Thomas needed to be held (he's a giant!) and Jude decided he was still hungry (I had just fed him!).  As tears began to well up in my eyes, I swore to the visitors it's not typically like this.  They assured me this was nothing out of the ordinary.  But, as the mother, you can't help but feel embarrassed and helpless.

Adding to the chaos is Jude's lack of sight.  He seems to be having a different experience as a blind newborn than our two older boys before him.  I find that he needs to be held constantly (making the sling I bought very beneficial).  When I set him down and he doesn't have that touch or sound close I wonder if he might be scared or at least feel alone, which he doesn't like.  And unlike my other boys, he can't look around and be stimulated by things like a playmat or his older brothers or the dog. 

Don't get me wrong, being a mother of three is so rewarding!  I just love the different stages each of my boys is at and there are so many moments of pure joy.  But let's be real, thanks goodness for grandparents and the bowl of ice cream at the end of my day when the boys are fast asleep! 

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  1. Hang in there! It is a roller coaster ride for sure but just as much fun too! I am a big believer in the "finally got the last one to sleep icecream!". Just remember - God only gives us one second at a time and sometimes that is how we have to focus our life, just dealing with one second at a time. A very wise man (my Dad who raised 5 kids) once told me that no child ever died from crying. Sometimes you just get to them when you get to them and with 3 they will take turns being the last one you get to but they will be just fine if not better for the waiting.

    RHS mom of 3 boys (& still here to tell about it)